What is the Carbon Footprint ?

The carbon footprint is an indicator of how much greenhouses gases human activities and our actions produced. Carbon dioxide is the measurement unit of the carbon footprint indicator. The indicator is composed of two units ; the primary footprint and the secondary footprint.

The primary footprint is the direct measure of the carbon dioxide resulting from the use of fossil fuels examples transportation (cars, buses)  and energy supply for domestic use.

The secondary footprint is an indirect measure of carbon dioxide resulting from the entire life cycle of products example bulkier packages would have a higher carbon footprint.

Ways in which individuals can reduce their footprint 

1. When not in use turn off lights, televisions,DVD players,computers and unplug cellphones when fully charged. The use of energy saving bulbs such as the fluorescent bulbs in your home can greatly reduce your footprint and lower your electricity bill.

2. Limit the use of machine dryers, dishwashers and water heaters. Try use these machines and devices when extremely necessary. For example during the rainy season when the sun is limited, machine dryers may be necessary. Otherwise use outdoor clothing lines to dry clothes. Also, hand wash dishes if possible and limit the use of hot water in your home since it takes large amount of energy to heat water.

3. Purchase local fruits and vegetables since they require less packaging.

4. Carpooling to work or social events. Plan trips ahead to use fewer cars and make less runs to the same place.


5. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle products.  Start a recycle drive in your work place . Recycle plastic bottles, bags and collect paper in designated recycle bins at your work place.  The use of filtered water bottles can greatly reduce the amount of plastic bottled water you purchase.

6. Last and definitely not least . Become an advocate, spread the word and encourage those around you to limit their carbon footprint.

To have an insight of your carbon footprint , please visit http://footprint.wwf.org.uk/. Calculate your carbon footprint now !!!!!