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June 2017

The Blue Grotto Cave Experience by Rishma

I wasn’t going to, because i didn’t feel to. But sometimes u have to just get up, show up and do it. The company was good and the sites were even better !

The day was beautiful. I was blessed with a magnificent show today.

Beauty in all forms, sunny skies, showers of rain and cooling breeze. Blue green crystals in the water, light rays streak from above through the cover of green.

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Jaws themesong plays in the dar recesses yet peace in the open space. Clear waters salted and fresh 😁😁.

The lovers and their babe, barney, michael jackson or Batman, audrie and the bedchamber and finally the tasty diamonds!

And i didn’t get my sapodilla

Blue grotto you’ve got me hooked! 💘


The Grande Riviere Turtle Watching Expedition

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Coexistence Expeditions outing to Grande Rivere for turtle viewing was a wonderful experience. The commute was long but totally worth it when we arrived to a huge leather back turtle preparing the area to lay her eggs. Our tour guide was kind and well informed.
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While there we were very fortunate to see hatchlings as well, which was my ultimate wish. They are absolutely cute. If you have never seen them you need to go on the next turtle watching adventure and catch them in all their tiny glory!!!
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In addition to the mother and hatchlings, the sky was full (no understatement) with stars. I had never seen such a starry sky in my life, which added quite a beautiful canopy to a wonderfully spent night. Great job Ms.Leah Fouchong as you thrive to expose citizens to the beauty of our island. More expeditions to come…..many more memories to make!! #satisfiedtraveller 
By: Thesha Charles


One of the greatest experiences in life is to venture into adventure. Anticipating what lay ahead, Coexistence Expeditions’ adventure on Saturday 20th May, 2017, began with our departure from the Grand Bazaar complex just after 7am. Provided with a cup of freshly prepared fruit, always a great way to start any day, there was a brief stop at Maracas Beach, to shake off being in the maxi and get some fresh air. Looking back at it, the pleasant image, of the calming early morning waves at Maracas Beach against the backdrop of the new day’s sun in the horizon, was a precursor to the splendor of nature that would’ve been witnessed later that day.

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Still in awe by nature’s display at Maracas Beach, we were informed that a surprise was ahead of us shortly after leaving. It was not long, on the picturesque drive pass Las Cuevas Beach, that we turned into an area for a surprise stop at the abandoned Fort Abercromby in Las Cuevas. It was soon realized that this area was not only incredible because of the derelict fort but also because of the vivid panorama of the Las Cuevas Beach shoreline which was simply stunning. A stone’s throw away from these sweeping views, down a small incline, was a rock platform forming part of the cliff face.

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With surreal views of gorgeous hidden caves below towering cliffs, we were also informed that from this platform it was possible to see beaching Stingrays. Scanning through the rough waters below in hopes of seeing one, some of our eyes connected with a spotted stingray, in a moment of sheer luck. After spending sometime in this area, we shifted our focus to climbing the famous “100 Steps” which at its peak provided views of Las Cuevas Beach and the horizon, which had an eerie glow on this day.

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You just never know what’s around the corner until you’ve truly discovered. Several us on the trip had been to Las Cuevas multiple times and never knew that this side of the area existed. It is one of the places, that you place on your “Must visit again” list. Forgetting that this was just the appetizer, one could have only wondered what would have been the main course until we drove to the beautiful village of Blanchisseuse to begin our hike to Three Pools.

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Accessible via a simple hike with some twists and turns, Three Pools was a sight. A combination of crystal clear water, towering cliffs and white fairy seeds being dispersed from trees perched high on the cliffs, there was a surreal touch to this very real experience. Whether it was just a rush of adrenaline or a sense of curiosity amongst some, everyone began plotting how to make it to the third pool. Faced with the options of swimming to the third pool or traversing a jagged cliff face, the majority swam. Some persons were contented with just enjoying the sight of first pool, knowing their limit, which is important on hikes where danger is ever present.

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After a few hours and some quality conversations, we trekked back to our maxi, to head back to our various home destinations. However, as expected with Coexistence Expeditions, there was still some adventure left with some brief stops at Las Cuevas and Maracas beach, to experience the sights and sounds, for one last time.

Adventure is an immersive experience that leaves you with a sense of awe, as it touches every aspect of not only your physical senses but also your psyche. It was great discovering the little pocket of jewels that are hidden in Trinidad’s North Coast and everyone at some point in their life should be encouraged to get up and get out exploring.

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The Turtle Watching Expedition with Coexistence Expeditions

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Coexistence Expeditions Leatherback Turtle Watching Review:  By Tyrell
Adventurous experiences are supposed to leave you in a state of astonishment and the Coexistence Leatherback Turtle Watching Expedition accomplished just that. Travelling along Trinidad’s North-East Coast road to the small turtle watching village of Grande Riviere provided a striking view of the star filled sky unobstructed by light pollution. Upon arriving at the Grande Riviere Visitor Orientation Center, there was a briefing on the proper turtle watching procedures in addition to the collection of wristbands. This was followed by a short walk to the turtle nesting site.

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Though the turtles were the main attraction of the night, the panorama of the star filled night sky provided a sense of awe upon arriving at the turtle nesting site. In its natural state, it was nothing less than mesmerizing to witness the Leatherback turtle nesting process alongside the release of some baby turtles. Immersing in this process contributed to the development of a deeper sense of appreciation for the endangered turtles and thanks to the Coexistence Expedition experience it was a night well spent.

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